HealthSignal Partners Radio Interview Part 1

This radio interview is an introduction to HealthSignal Partners (HSP) by Mischa Dick, Vice President, and Serena Schlueter, Director of Operations. Many senior citizens may not be aware of the services that are available to them under Medicare. This interview provides information on HSP, and the services that are offered to seniors at little to no cost. HealthSignal Partners enables individuals to live life independently, and spend less time in the hospital.

Part 2 - Breaking Down Non-Clinical Barriers

HealthSignal Partners (HSP) Serena Schlueter, discusses how HSP integrates into the caring process. HealthSignal Partners offers services designed to break down non-clinical barriers to create an easily executable health plan for seniors. Mischa explains the easy, three step sign-up process, and how working WITH the physicians of individuals that sign up for HSP services is managed through non-intrusive collaboration.

Part 3 - Connecting Care Communities

HealthSignal Partners services act as an extension of primary physician services, and they do not take the place of any primary care providers. HealthSignal Partners has been designed to fill the gaps between primary care physicians, family members, friends, and other care givers within a senior’s network. Seniors supported by HSP are enabled to manage their health plans more effectively. Reaching out for assistance is made easy with HealthSignal technology.

Part 4 - Unique Care Plans, Enabling Healthy Living

Seniors are enabled by HealthSignal Partners to manage their own independence. Unique to-do list type health plans, generated by HSP, help to identify areas of improvement that may be acted upon to improve the livelihood of HSP members. Furthermore, because HSP services are available to Medicare beneficiaries, they may be acquired for little to no cost.

Part 5 - Signing Up for HealthSignal Partners Services

Mischa Dick outlines the three step setup process to become a member of HSP. A comprehensive, face-to-face visit, may be conducted within the primary physician’s office to assist seniors who would like to receive HSP services. Upon signing up, participants may develop their own personal health plans with the assistance of their care network. Every part of HSP services will be tailored specific to the individual, in order to remove barriers that may otherwise prevent them from aging in place.

Part 6 - HealthSignal Partners Resources

Participants in HSP services and technology are given total control of their information, and how they choose to share it. In no way is the person restricted from managing the information that they submit. They are in total control of their information. Participants in this service are granted access to HSP vendor resources that may be crucial towards helping individuals age in place. HealthSignal Partners enables individuals to live life independently, and spend less time in the hospital.

Removing Barriers to Prevent Medical Condition Escalation

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