Top Operating Expenses for Employers

Employee health insurance has quickly become one of the top operating expenses for employers. Contributing to this, medical costs are eight times higher for employees with Chronic Diseases.

Not All Medical Costs are Necessary

More than half of these expenses are avoidable or inappropriate. Lifestyle, habits, such as smoking, lack of physical activity, and preventative care skimping, all contribute to such costs.

What We do to Decrease Employer Health Costs:

  • Establish relationships between Personal Health Advocates and employees
  • Create customized care plans that consider individual lifestyles, needs, behaviors, goals, etc.
  • Communicate regularly by reaching out to each employee to evaluate their well-being and promote preventatives
  • Utilize proprietary technology for communication, reminders, and support
  • Guide employees to affordable care alternatives

Program Impact

  • Up to 22% reduction in BMI in less than a year
  • 43% of patients improved their blood pressure from a dangerously low or high level within three months
  • Multiple hospitalizations avoided due to medication mix-up in the last 6 months
  • Increased preventative screenings by 30%
  • Improved care plan compliance by 76% within 3 months