Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify?

Currently, Medicare beneficiaries with Parts A and B who have at least two chronic medical conditions qualify for Medicare’s Chronic Care Management Program. Individuals with permanent disabilities who are receiving Medicare benefits at a younger age and have at least two chronic medical conditions are also eligible for this program.

Will HSP replace my current primary care physician or other doctors?

Absolutely not. The HealthSignal Partners medical team works closely with your current physicians and care team to make sure that they can provide you with the best care possible.

What services does HSP provide?

HealthSignal Partners is your personal health concierge service to assist and keep you connected to your medical care and community. For example, if you need a wheelchair ramp installed, a prescription delivered, or a ride to your doctor, we reach out to your surrounding community and find those resources to help you.

Will I only be able to contact HSP by phone?

Your Chronic Care Management service will be provided by phone. However, we also provide a user friendly mobile application, HealthSignal, at no cost to you that allows you to connect with your Personal Health Assistant through your smartphone or computer.

Why is working with a LICENSED practice so important?

As a patient, you can be assured that you will be interacting with certified medical professionals that understand your needs and your doctor’s plan for your care. For providers, HealthSignal Partners is operating under our own medical licenses, not yours. We hold ourselves to the highest level of clinical accountability, not simply as an outsourced call center.